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There are times that I lay in bed just thinking. I think about my neighbor sometimes. Hewhoshallnotbenamed is actually a real interesting fellow, I think it would be really fun to pick his brain every once in a while. However we do have sex. Sex is not a bad thing. We both make one another feel good. I just like the fact that he makes me want to kiss him. I really don’t kiss ANYONE. There’s something different about him though. I think I just feel comfy & gravitate towards him & his kisses. I know nothing will ever come of them, we just fulfill each other’s needs. That’s good for me though, I’ll take his kisses, moans, & groans until we stop fucking with each other 😌😌😌😌😌

My views on marriage

If times were different I would care less about marriage, however we are in America. They don’t recognize a simple bf or gf as someone who can make decisions for you if something bad were to happen. When we all get in a life long relationship we usually move out of the family home & start one of our own. If something happened to me & I was hospitalized I would want my lifelong partner, my soul mate, my love, to have the authority to make those decisions. Why? Because that person spends more time with me than anyone else & knows how I would want the situation handled. If we’re not married then some other family member could make all these decisions. I would want to make sure that regardless my love is taken care of & has the ability to make decisions. For me marriage isn’t about the religious aspect it’s about LIFE & the complications that could happen if I weren’t married.

32/100 pictures of theo james
32/100 pictures of theo james